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Alpaca Rug: Eagle on branch 100% Alpaca Fur Rug
Alpaca Rug: Eagle on branch 100% Alpaca Fur Rug

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Alpaca Sweater

Discover the other luxury fiber: alpaca. An alpaca sweater is smooth as silk, warmer and lighter than wool, and more durable than cashmere, so get your alpaca today. Find alpaca, it is incredibly soft and supple to the touch with a beautiful luster.

Our unique distribution system brings you as close as possible to the source of the alpaca sweaters.

After you try an alpaca sweater you will never like to wear anything else. It is warm and soft, durable, elegant, light weight, water repellent.

Women Sweaters Men Sweaters  Dotted turtle neck sweater
   100% Alpaca ''Colourful'' sweater  

Alpaca: Alpaca fiber is one of the world's rarest and best natural fibers. It is luxuriously soft and exceptionally light. Is warmer than wool. Alpaca fiber blends wonderfully with other natural and synthetic fibers. And it is hypoallergenic.  Nature at its best.

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Introducing our High End Alpaca Products line:
01.. Alpaca Purse with Alpaca Design
02.. Carved Alpaca wooden pencil
03.. Alpaca slippers for adults


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