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FAQs: Most frequently-asked questions

Q: What is the difference between Pierpont Community & Technical College and Continuing Education at Pierpont C&TC?
A: Pierpont C&TC offers courses and degree programs, and Continuing Education offers non-degree continued education. We offer a variety of courses and programs in computers, business and personal enrichment. We focus on short term career focused programming to get you the career you want, the raise you deserve, or the training you need.

Q: Are the courses at Continuing Education for credit?

A: Most of our courses are not for credit. However, certifications and CEUs are available for some Teacher Recertification, Business, Professional and Information Technology courses upon request.

Q: Is there an admissions process to enroll in a class at Continuing Education?

A: There is no admissions process and no requirements. You simply register, pay for and attend courses of your choice. The registration process is easy and may be done online, in person, or over the phone at 304-367-4920.

Q: Where is Continuing Education located?

A: Our office is located at 500 Galliher Dr. Fairmont, WV 26554.  

Q: How do I request a Transcript?
A: You can request a transcript using our “Request a Transcript Form” located here.  We will process your request in a timely manner upon review.

Q: Will my Continuing Education Transcript be visible on my college degree seeking transcript?
A: No, your Continuing Education transcript is completely separate from your degree seeking transcript, so no worries about a Personal Stress Management class showing up on your transcript.

Q:  Where can I find information regarding the TEAS test?
A: TEAS testing information can be found here.  We offer at least 2 exams monthly, year-round.

.Q :  Is Financial Aid available for non-credit courses?
A:  Yes!! Several grants are available to those who qualify.  For more details please click here